Charles W (Pennsylvania):

I am a 100% Combat Disabled Veteran suffering from sever PTSD. My condition threw me into a whirlwind over the Holiday Season and I am now just coming out from it. The whirlwind has caused me to fall behind on all my utility bills and I am worried about having my heat turned off and pipes freezing. I also had my vehicle repaired this pass spring and have not been able to have it picked up from the shop. Having no vehicle has made it difficult to make my VA appointments and has disrupted my treatments substantially. Furthermore, I have suffered a sever right arm service connected injury. The medical bills from this injury has pushed me into deeper financial hardship.

Crusaders Notes:

Crusaders valor for veterans is going to buy him groceries to help him get back on his feet. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social media platforms. Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096.

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