We provide immediate assistance to "Combat Veterans in Need" in order to help situations (based on life matters that have become out of control) that have taken a turn for the worse. Through our hands-on, Pay-it-Forward approach, we help facilitate positive solutions before it's too late. We work hard for our Veterans, but in order to make an even bigger impact, we need your help - because sometimes, it takes a tribe to help the individual. Please, take action below. Thank you.

A message from the Founder and CEO,
Tracey Nazarenus

They say “Cowgirl” is a condition of the heart.

My entire life I’ve been tough yet caring, compassionate and always wanting to help those in need. I own and run the “Second Chance Ranch” where we use the horses to help veterans with PTSD.

Everyday I also ask God to guide me. So when my biggest task was given, I was scared, yet determined to be successful. This is how I became the Founder and President of “Crusaders Valor For Veterans”, a 501c3 nonprofit veterans organization. It was an eye-opening experience, the biggest challenge of my life, and still is.

It began when my son serving in Afghanistan, returned home. He appeared to be happy. I was so proud, and thought his life was amazing and he was now safe. Boy was I wrong. I Thank God someone told me that he was struggling with the demons of what he’d seen, done, and experienced while overseas. I was Blessed to get to him before he became another statistic of the 22 Veterans who end their lives every day.

People seem very good at extending an arm to shake a Veteran’s hand and thank them for their service, but don’t see the demons they’re actually hiding. We must help before the demons circling in their heads win.

Returning Veterans often find themselves in trouble, hooked on drugs, alcohol, and domestic issues trying to be the man or woman they were when they left, only to find a society they can’t communicate with; one that believes life is in their phones, and not in face-to-face communication.

I created a program for Combat Veterans to make sure they have food on their tables. This website has a full request for help form linked here.

For our Veterans, we say Thank You for your Service, but we also back it up with Action.

Also, our Colorado base program is Crusaders Valor Rodeo Royalty; a group of young cowgirls who are dedicated to our veterans, military, law enforcement, first responders and firefighters. They are positive role models for our youth and are trying to make America aware of all of the sacrifices that they make.

We all thank God everyday, and we live by the saying “Actions speak louder than words”

Thank you for supporting this effort.

Tracey Nazarenus
Founder and CEO

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Complete Transparency



1. Tracey Nazarenus, Brighton Colorado
2. Dan Foster, Golden Colorado
3. Joseph L. Mantone III, Woburn, Mass
4. Richard Meyer Brockton Mass
5. Trisha Mccamy, The Colony, TX
6. Matthew Drymon Williston, California


Board Chairwoman
Trisha Mccamy
Tracey Nazarenus
President and Treasurer
Richard Meyer
Vice President
Jennifer Carr
Ex Officio
Nicholas Ramos
Jen Whitehill
Board Member at Large
Dan Foster
Committee Chair
Matt Drymon
Veteran Adviser
RET. COL. Cory Mahanna

Second Chance Ranch


“even giving our kids Christmas“

I am a Veteran who reached out to Tracey (and the Crusaders) on a prayer… Without hesitation she was there, helping get our car repaired, helping with our bills, even giving our kids Christmas. This woman and her Crusaders are a God send to all of us veterans.

“Thank You“

If you are a Veteran struggling, regardless the issue, I highly recommend contacting the Crusaders as they want to help. Tracey and the Crusader group: Thank you for your compassion and the help you provided. It was truly a blessing and my girls and I are grateful!!

“don’t just help with the utilities“

These ladies don’t just help with the utilities, they have so many resources to help with whatever needs that the family may have from a simple bill being paid to helping veterans with their claims and military benefits.

“Proud Supporter“

I am a Proud Supporter of Crusaders Valor for Veterans™. As a representative of Commonwealth Capital, I cannot think of a better way to give back than to help those who have sacrificed so much for us.

★ Help Us Help a Veteran

If you search Google for how many Veteran suicides per day, it says 22. That's an old statistic from a few years ago. The recent statistics show that it's down to 20 thanks to the efforts of people and organizations like the Crusaders.

Now, with the Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ platform, we hope to drive that number down drastically over the months and years ahead.

But we can only do it with your help. Please get involved with the community here on V4V. And please do share this important effort on your social networks.

You can also choose to become the 'boots on the ground' for any local help you can give for Vets in your area (Update Volunteer Info in your Profile)

Join our team and get updates and action items on how you can help us help those in need.

Get started now by setting up your free account on V4V and engage with us today!


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