Valor Squad

The VALOR SQUAD REPRESENTS OUR VETERANS, MILITARY, FIRST RESPONDERS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. We believe in GOD and the Constitution! 2021 we will be adding “fighting to keep our FREEDOM” 🇺🇸

Tracey Nazarenus
Hello! My name is Madison I am your Crusaders Valor For Veterans Queen. I have been riding horses since i was about 5 years old and it has always been a passion of mine. I love the animals and the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained throughout working with them. I do the horse project in 4H, and this will be my second year. I got the opportunity to try out for Crusaders Valor For Veterans and thought it was truly amazing and I was so excited to represent Valor For Veterans. Throughout this I hope to be able to help and impact many people, and be a positive role model for others around me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and so excited for everything to come for this year! Thank you for having me as a Crusaders Queen!
Hi! My name is Bella and I am the Crusaders Valor For Veterans Princess. My horses name is Lexi and we are both looking forward to everything we have in store for 2021. I am so excited to be able to help veterans in need as well and represent others including our Active Military, First Responders, and Law Enforcement! Thank you!
Hi! My name is Emily and I am your Crusaders Valor For Veterans squad leader! My horses name is Valor and we are so so excited for all the rodeos and events we get to attend this year! My favorite things to do are camping, spending time with my friends and family, and being outside! I am looking forward to help make veterans lives in any way I can and meet tons of new people! I can’t wait to meet you!
Hello, my name is Kyra. I am a former Queen. I’m now part of Valor squad. And a coordinator. I’m very excited to continue to work with the veterans and their families. I enjoy using my horse to help veterans and bring joy to them. Our 2021 platform has changed we have added helping Active military law-enforcement and First Responders. Along with reminding everyone we are free a country. And to speak up and be heard.
I am very excited for this new year. And the huge steps we’re making to change the lives of our heroes.
Hello, my name is Megan! I am a former Crusaders Queen. My horse recently passed away but we had so many memories! I I love helping our veterans and bringing awareness to our veterans, active military law-enforcement and our first responders. I’m now part of the Valor Squad and a coordinator. Sadly I think our veterans deserve better than what they’re given. and with our program we are giving them the appreciation they deserve. Thank you for spending time reading my bio and have a great rest of your day!
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