Waiting on the VA

As shared by Kevin W:

I’m currently homeless and I have a HUD Vash voucher but I am awaiting for the paperwork for an apartment to get approved. I receive state assistance for food stamps and general assistance. I am currently sitting in a lobby of a Red Roof Inn and can not pay until midnight when my money comes through. Unfortunately the room costs $180 and I only receive $220 a month. So I will only have a little left over. I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression by the VA. I also have an appointment in East Orange NJ for my VA disability claim on July 24th to determine my percentage but I do not have transportation. I am trying to find help for at least a week with the hotel so I can focus on the Hud Vash. How did it get to this point? I have been unable to work due to my mental health state. I have been given a MED1 form from the VA and haven’t been able to work for a couple of months because of this.

Notes from Crusaders:

We are going to put him in a hotel until the VA gets him a place which is about days. Please donate or share Kevin’s story on your social media platforms. Crusaders Coordinator Megan 720-281-5725