Veteran Needs a Hand Up

As shared by Tim E:

My phone has been shut off for over a week and I use it for business and personal, unable to keep up on bills every month so utilities get shut off which is bad because we have a 1 1/2 year old and 2 other children.

I have a significantly over due title loan and my registration expired about 6 months ago (registration is free) but I owe back property taxes on the vehicle so I cannot renew the registration. I’m trying very hard to get my finances and credit back on track but need help. I can barely pay my rent every month but when I do, I’m broke by the 3rd of every month.

I’ve been struggling for the past 3+ years to get help getting my security consulting business going and have gotten very little help and failing miserably.

Also, my teeth are deteriorating quickly in part due to medications and I’ve been told they all need to be pulled but I have no way to pay for implants or dentures (there is an extenuating circumstances that requires all of them to be removed to avoid a potentially deadly infection)

Note from Crusaders: We are helping Tim and his family, not only with past due issues, but also with becoming more stable with finances, and helping with disability benefits. As with many of our Veterans, it takes a lot of time and resources to help them with their solutions. Please help us help the Veterans by donating or picking up an Action Supporter Pack below.

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