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Request help for yourself or a Veteran in need.


Welcome. If you, or someone you know is a Veteran in need, please read carefully in order to optimize your experience on this platform.

The Valor for Veterans platform is a system designed to match solutions with the needs of the Veterans coming through our system.

Since there is such a wide range of issues that have to be addressed with our Veterans, we appropriate each individual case through our support network, with hands-on guidance from Team Crusaders as we help guide the process along the path on through to solution.

Please Note: Although this system is a “utility,” the help that comes from it is “hands on” and takes considerable time, effort and resources to help facilitate the needs of the many Veterans who come through this system for help.

We take every case very serious and sincerely try to help everyone, but do understand that by using this system, it is just a utility and can in no way guarantee or warrant any services or help gained through the use of this platform.

Team Crusaders, the team behind Valor for Veterans, takes every submission into full review and process. In this manner, we are (this system and the organizations that support it) a TRIAGE TEAM.

We have the resources that come to us through this system and other means, and we deploy them based on the level of urgency of the need and the amount (and type) of resources that are available at any given time.

The Crusaders are backed by a competent team of experienced professionals who can and will verify all claims, stories, and all sides, as part of the process of determining proper direction for potential solutions.

Before any application can be submitted, it must include a copy of the DD214 for disability attached to the form below.

We need the following information in order to help you, though if you need to speak with someone first, please call: 303 324-7096 (Vet Help Only – site support here)


A NOTE ON “STOLEN VALOR” aka “Playing the Veteran Card”
Although we have a deep appreciation for all of our Veterans, we will not tolerate those who “take advantage of the system.” Unfortunately, there are individuals who play several non-profit Veteran organizations and resources to their advantage. These individuals may have disabilities, though are not in a “dire” state (although they claim to be) as many of those who truly and urgently need care. As with many non-profit Veteran groups, we are likened to a “triage team” as our organization and systems are designed to help those in “urgent need.”
If any Veteran is found to be dishonest (lying, falsifying, etc.), and doing so in a manner that shows a pattern of activities indicative of STOLEN VALOR, these individuals will be flagged in our system.


Help Request
We will need to contact via phone as we work hands on with our Veterans to help solve problems.
We may need to communicate via email as well.
Please give as much detail as possible on what the current urgent matter is so we can best help find a solution.
Please share any information on how it may have gotten to this point so we can help with solutions that will keep it from happening again.
Please share current disability status, family and living status, and any other important details that may help us in our efforts to help.
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