Seizures take hold of life

As shared by Caitlyn E:

I lost a great job back in September as a dental assistant because I kept having seizures at work. I was too much of a hazard. I then moved in with my Dad. I tried as a bartender till March when I got fired with no explanation. I have no drivers license due to the job in September turning me in due to my epilepsy. I lost my car due to losing the bar tending job. I had a suicide failure March 9th and spent 11 days in the hospital. I need help to pay some bills while I’m waiting for my VA disability to go through.

Note from Crusaders:

Caitlyn served in the army and now is in need of assistance with her bills. Due to injuries served overseas she now suffers from seizures. As a result, they took her drivers license away for others safety and because of that she lost her job. After becoming extremely depressed she tried to take her own life. Thank God she survived and didn’t become one of the 22 a day. Caitlyn needs her bills paid and VA paperwork turned in for 100% disability as she can’t drive and her last employer considers her a liability. Our plan is to raise money to pay her bills and do her paperwork for the VA.