PTSD Single Dad

Waylan G (North Carolina):

Separated from my wife due to PTSD issues in November last year, gave her savings/checking balances (was making well above my means with job and figured I would recover quickly). I walked away with nothing (gave house, equity, and all property to her). I bought a house in April and lost my job the very next day (position as Director of Corporate Security was eliminated). I did not apply for unemployment due to having created savings since separation. After two months of applying to numerous positions with no call-backs, I applied for unemployment. I have spent my days since creating resumes, applying to any and all jobs matching my skills, and have been told I am over qualified for Manager and below positions while under-qualified for director positions due to lack of industry certifications required.  So I have been unemployed for over 6 months, have cashed in my IRAs and stocks, used up my unemployment benefits, and have $250 left in my bank account for next months bills.

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