PTSD Overload

As shared by Theresa B:

Due to many negative life events in 2017, I went into a deep depression and was diagnosed with PTSD. My younger brother passed away in May 24, 2017 only finding out he was sick April 15th. He lived in Columbus and I was going down there every weekend until we brought him home to Michigan with Hospice. I was assaulted and mixed up with a person I was “seeing” that turned out to be a narcissistic drug user. I’ve gone to court twice but he doesn’t show. Then my ex husband died in a tragic freak accident 6 weeks before he was to retire from the Army. I went to his services to support my sons at my own cost. I came back from his service in NC and was fired a week later for making mistakes. I missed May and June house payments, water ($195), electric and Consumers Energy are sending shut off notices. USAA Car insurance was canceled on May 21st. I had $1400 of repairs done on my vehicle in April and a vet bill for $500. Cable is off too. I have an open doctor bill and I even owe for Medications from VA. I have drained my 401k and savings so I now have issues keeping things going and am working two jobs.

Notes from Crusaders:

We need donations to help her get caught up on her utilities $198, consumer energy $202 and mortgage $935 and keep her insurance current so that she may continue to work. Moving forward hopefully she will get her VA rating, Social Security benefits and continue to work. Please help us help this Veteran by donating or sharing her story on your social media platforms. Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096