Pregnant Veteran Needs Help

Candace C (California):

I currently reside in student housing. The room I have is fine for me and my dog, but I am currently pregnant so I need more room. There is another room in my unit that I can transfer to that will allow me to fit my baby and myself. Unfortunately I can not afford the $500 room transfer fee. I am currently working but I am a contingent worker. Because I have a high risk pregnancy I had/have to take days off to get checked out a lot. Since I am not a full time employee, I don’t get paid for the days I take off. If you guys could help me with the fee, that would be great and would take a lot of stress off of me.

Crusaders Notes:
Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay to keep them in their home. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social media platforms. Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096