Moving Causes Food Shortage

John-Paul C (Georgia):

I tried to move and spent $3,000 to move in with my wife’s mother the day after we got there and put our stuff in storage. She made us leave and it took three days with the Penske truck and when I turned it in it was a $900 bill we bought a car Allan Vigil Ford and put down $600 and they are requiring an additional $800 or we have to bring the car back. We haven’t had a car in a year and desperately need the car. My wife is a student using chapter 35 benefits and I am 100% service connected with the VA. Her mom kept the $1,000 for rent we gave her for the first month because I had the other daughter arrested for hitting me six times in the face totally unantagonized. We also need help with  food for December so really just the money to keep the car which is $800 and some money to eat or some way of helping us eat. We already know we’re not going to have any kind of a holiday; we’re just trying to survive now I had to pay the apartments where I lived previously a month’s rent so we could stay here.  We needed somewhere to go so we’ll be able to stay here until the first. Because I had to pay December rent here and also gave her mother a thousand to stay there that wasn’t returned to me, I’m overdrawn so next month my money will only be $1,600 which I won’t be able to move into a new place on that but that’s not what I’m requesting help for. I’m trying to keep this car. It’s very important, I can’t stress that enough. We’ve been without transportation for a year and only by the grace of God have we made it this entire year. Please help us. We are good people and we are not needy just in a bind.

Crusaders Notes:

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