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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    Wondering why no one is speaking anymore

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    Just donated! Feeling good about all the work I'm seeing done here! Keep it up, VFV!

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    Allow me to introduce myself; I was born and raised in central NY as a farm boy. I joined the Marine Corps in 94-12, medically separated in 2012 due to a service connected disabilities, and now living life. I am a 100% permanent and total disabled still working. I enjoy working in my shed building many things such as fish tanks, making molding for numerous projects around the house, and have educated myself earning a Masters Business Administration (MBA). I was working on my Doctorate of Management in Organization Leadership; however, after learning that the Department of Education was notified I was a disabled veteran I had to make a choice to either continue knowing that the program to pay off all my student could end or file to have them wipe them clean I chose to wipe them clean. Needless to say I chose to have them pay off all my student loans without the possibility of me ever getting another student loan; I am ok with that!!

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    @melissajohnson777 Hello, Melissa, We are connected on this platform. There's no need to use an "App" or e-mail. This community is for assisting veterans and I don't care to use it as just "another social media site" for any other purpose.

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    @eaglemed God Bless you Sir!

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    @traceynazarenus Tracey, we are about to have our mental health summit, we invite all community partners, helping veterans, i would like to invite you the Department of Veterans Affairs 2018 Mental Health Summit, if you are interested. We have one every year and it is a great opportunity to partner for veterans, if you are interested, i would need your email address to send the official invitation. please let me know at i would so appreciate it if you would attend. all of the community serving veterans can put our heads together to see what we can to to further our service to veterans.

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    “Whatever you are, be a good one.” -William Makepeace Thackeray

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    Do you know why there are no Knock Knock jokes about the United States? Because freedom rings! <3

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    My name is Andre Turner, I'm currently a homeless veteran. I recently been having a struggle with my finances and my car was repossessed due to non payment. I was living in my car while I'm looking for a home. My car was my only means of getting around and getting to work and school. I have contacted several agencies in because I'm not a substance abuser there is little help in Sacramento, .ca. I work hard just about everyday working 10 hour shifts, as a Dental Assistant. I'm struggling to stay positive and keep going. I need assistance with multiple situations. 15581454756531981452773

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    Hi RD, sorry I've been off a while. I now retired from law enforcement

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    Welcome @vfwnashville

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