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  • Tyson H (Alabama):

    My disability payments have not been processed by VA Government. I am an Army Veteran seeking assistance and since my diagnoses I have not been able to work. Our power is shut off now and I […]

  • Amanda P (Arkansas):

    I got behind on my bills due to being out of work for some time. And although I have put efforts into trying to get caught up, I’m still behind, and a couple bills (rent and water) are way […]

  • James R (New Hampshire): 

    My family was in housing and I and my daughters have neurological issues as well as some physical with moving change was very hard on me and depression set in and I withdrew from […]

  • William F (Maryland):

    I need help to finish covering last bit of owed rent. Amount is only $500 dollars that is owed. I was behind but was able to get caught up until this month when my landlord told me if we […]

  • Jon V (Georgia):

    The electric company is going to shut off my electricity on the 27th and are unwilling to wait until the 1st for payment. I use a CPAP and Nebulizer daily and have children in the […]

  • John-Paul C (Georgia):

    I tried to move and spent $3,000 to move in with my wife’s mother the day after we got there and put our stuff in storage. She made us leave and it took three days with the Penske truck […]

  • Michael G (Colorado):

    I had surgery that put me out of work for 2 months. I am trying to catch up on bills to help support my family. I am currently back at work and just need to extra funds to get caught […]

  • Jason D (Georgia):

    Work slowed down for me to the point of being out of work the last 2 weeks. I should be back to work within a week and or if not have new employment. We need help with the power bill which is […]

  • Jerome S (Alabama):

    We just moved here and recently started getting food stamps but not enough to hold us until we get them the following month. Money has been tight because even trying to budget what we get […]

  • Victor O (California):

    My lights are shutoff and my hours got cut back at my job so I’m having trouble catching up with the bills and rent .

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay to […]

  • Billy L (Washington): 
    I have no food or ways to cook it..
    Crusaders Notes:
    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to buy groceries and pots and pans. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social […]

  • Nathan V (Oklahoma):

    Although this bill is on my daughters name, I was unable to get the lights on in my name due to a past balance on a previous address. The lights are due to be disconnected on the 4th of this […]

  • Kathleen F (Michigan):

    We currently moved to a new state for a custody battle. We came down prepared for what we thought was a move in ready house. Upon arriving we have had to replace piping to have running […]

  • Brittany K (Pennsylvania):

    The last few months my bank was severely messed up . I have since gotten a new account (1500 in late fees later ….). We are in a better place and won’t be starting the month off […]

  • Candace C (California):

    I currently reside in student housing. The room I have is fine for me and my dog, but I am currently pregnant so I need more room. There is another room in my unit that I can transfer to […]

  • Corey D (Washington):

    We are behind on our utility bills. We’re juggling bills due to a wage garnishment. I am currently a stay at home dad. My wife is the income earner.

    Crusaders […]

  • Brenda C (North Carolina):

    I need assistance because I am homeless and I have section 8 but the house that was supposed to be ready is not ready for me to move in.

    Crusaders Notes:
    Crusadersvalorforveterans is […]

  • Tammey B (Alabama):

    I was in a car accident on March 3, 2019 and had trauma to the right side of my face. I had out of pocket dental expenses and my car went out so I had to unexpectedly get a used car for […]

  • Carmen C (Florida):

    I am a service connected disabled Veteran. I was in voc rehab program and graduated college in June but have to pass my boards before I can work. I have been unable to find a job until […]

  • Justin H (Indiana):

    We finally found a place. Hvaf can pay everything but the deposit because I do not have the money for a deposit and I need food and some items for my family.

    Crusaders […]

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