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  • Kenny P (Texas):

    I recently had a death in the family that has caused an unexpected financial hardship which has left me unable to pay for rent this month and have been given an eviction notice. I needed to pay […]

  • Da’quan X (North Carolina):

    I’m a 80% disabled veteran looking for employment opportunities. If you can with help with some of the bill to $400 and HonorBound Foundation can pay the remainder.

    Crusaders N […]

  • Mike M (Michigan):

    I filled out an application to help with vehicle repairs but was emailed saying that you can’t help with that. I was told that you could help out with groceries, so I will be able to use the […]

  • James E S (Georgia):

    My husband lost his job of 9 years in November. I was out of work myself from March to September due to medical issues, I had knee surgery and had to undergo extensive treatment for […]

  • Anthony K (North Carolina):

    My phone was turned off a few weeks ago, and my car was repossessed yesterday.I  was dropped as a sub-contractor from a maintenance company in December. My wife does not work at the […]

  • Albert L (Florida):

    My partner and I were shocked in our apartment on November 18, 2020. I was washing dishes and he was taking a shower. This caused my partner to hit his head and fall once the shock ended. We […]

  • Charlene K (Indiana):

    I have lost my social security benefits and was receiving less than $1500 per month from VA benefits. I’ve been homeless for about a year now and staying with my daughter but now I have to […]

  • Pauletta M (North Carolina):

    A payment that was owed for assets and bounced checks, debited my account and left me with no money for this month. I was unable to make rent payment, barely made utility bill […]

  • Joshua T (Texas): 

    I have been struggling with finding employment. I have been barely managing with doing Doordash. I have no auto insurance for my family and now our phone service with Tmobile has been […]

  • Nicholas M (Arizona): 

    My wife s pregnant and has missed a lot of days due to morning sickness which she has had it really bad. As for myself I have had some injuries while in the army (training related) has […]

  • Charles W (Pennsylvania):

    I am a 100% Combat Disabled Veteran suffering from sever PTSD. My condition threw me into a whirlwind over the Holiday Season and I am now just coming out from it. The whirlwind has […]

  • Reginald U (Georgia):

    I need assistance because I lost my job and I been unemployed for 6 months. I am 80% disable yet my injuries are getting worse but I am still actively looking for employment. I am facing […]

  • Joseph S (Texas):

    My VA check was suspended because when they paid me back pay in 2012 they over paid me.

    Crusaders Notes: Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to to pay to keep their electricity on Please […]

  • David T (Texas):

    Over the course of the past few months all my bills started piling up and its just to the point now I can’t afford to pay for everything. I’m past due on rent which if it’s not paid by the […]

  • Chiquettae D (Texas:)

    The lights for myself and my two children age 11 and 7, are about to be cut off . I had gotten a loan to help with bills and I ended up putting myself in a worse position than a better […]

  • Akram A (Texas): 

    Needing help to get my water back on. I left my home for a few months as I needed more help after my divorce. While I was gone my water was turned off and the pump removed. I live in the […]

  • Joseph S (North Carolina):

    I have been struggling to stay afloat and provide for my 4 kids while dealing with my PTSD and joblessness. I have a job now and was just approved for VA disability at 70% but am […]

  • Krystal W (Michigan):

    My husband and I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Highland, MI and he’s been having a lot of trouble finding work. I am 100% disabled and my monthly check has just been covering all of our bills. […]

  • Daniel P (Ohio):

    We are behind in December’s rent and needing food assistance. Due to legal issues we have burned through what we had saved and ended up using rent money to keep our utilities on.

    Crusaders […]

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    Jeffrey W (Utah):

    My hours have been severely cut back at work due to the holiday season and rainy season which has slowed production of coal and gypsum in the mines and plants that utilize such products. I […]

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