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  • Victor O (California):

    My lights are shutoff and my hours got cut back at my job so I’m having trouble catching up with the bills and rent .

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay to […]

  • Billy L (Washington): 
    I have no food or ways to cook it..
    Crusaders Notes:
    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to buy groceries and pots and pans. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social […]

  • Nathan V (Oklahoma):

    Although this bill is on my daughters name, I was unable to get the lights on in my name due to a past balance on a previous address. The lights are due to be disconnected on the 4th of this […]

  • Kathleen F (Michigan):

    We currently moved to a new state for a custody battle. We came down prepared for what we thought was a move in ready house. Upon arriving we have had to replace piping to have running […]

  • Brittany K (Pennsylvania):

    The last few months my bank was severely messed up . I have since gotten a new account (1500 in late fees later ….). We are in a better place and won’t be starting the month off […]

  • Candace C (California):

    I currently reside in student housing. The room I have is fine for me and my dog, but I am currently pregnant so I need more room. There is another room in my unit that I can transfer to […]

  • Corey D (Washington):

    We are behind on our utility bills. We’re juggling bills due to a wage garnishment. I am currently a stay at home dad. My wife is the income earner.

    Crusaders […]

  • Brenda C (North Carolina):

    I need assistance because I am homeless and I have section 8 but the house that was supposed to be ready is not ready for me to move in.

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    Crusadersvalorforveterans is […]

  • Tammey B (Alabama):

    I was in a car accident on March 3, 2019 and had trauma to the right side of my face. I had out of pocket dental expenses and my car went out so I had to unexpectedly get a used car for […]

  • Carmen C (Florida):

    I am a service connected disabled Veteran. I was in voc rehab program and graduated college in June but have to pass my boards before I can work. I have been unable to find a job until […]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, Hungry 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Justin H (Indiana):

    We finally found a place. Hvaf can pay everything but the deposit because I do not have the money for a deposit and I need food and some items for my family.

    Crusaders […]

  • Shantia G (Kentucky):

    My car broke down, I need groceries and need to pay maybe $400 on my rent and pay for my son’s daycare. I work two jobs. I’m supposed to start another job Wednesday and I was going to keep […]

  • Amy R (Pennsylvania):

    I was in a motor because accident on 31 October 2019. My car was totaled. Due to injuries sustained I am unable to work until further notice. So, I have no income coming in to pay any of my […]

  • Brian B (Texas):

    I’m post 9/11 med retired after Iraq combat deployment injuries and am very recently a single dad of two awesome girls Madeline 7 and Lillian 5, through separation. I’m at a point where I can’t […]

  • Keita A (Louisiana):

    I only work part time, about 20 hrs a week. Its all I can handle (barely). I have PTSD and have had over 20 jobs in the past 5 years or so. I have mice in the attic and it surely isn’t […]

  • Carin S (Texas):

    I am requesting assistance as I have been out of work for several months and cannot afford my electric bill at this time.

    Crusaders Notes:
    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay to keep her […]

  • Kimberly E (Colorado):

    I just separated on 8 October 2019 from active duty Air Force with honorable discharge. Requesting assistance to help catch up current bills for the month of October and help pay rent on 1 […]

  • Randolph L 

    I’m currently behind one month on my rent. I’ve used/have been using multiple resources from Hennepin county so that I’m not “putting all of my eggs in one basket”. In other words, I’m still reaching […]

  • Samantha V (New Jersey):

    I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder so I am unable to find a job since 2013. I’m receiving pension monthly. My children’s father got hurt and has been out of work since May […]

  • William F (Maryland):

    I need help with current months rent of $1300 dollars. I fell behind this month because my kids needed clothes for school and had to make car payments along with insurance payment so we […]

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