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  • Mark L (Texas):

    I am Medically retired from the US Army My wife and I just got out of Bonham Texas inpatient PTSD and brain injury program. I went home to help my mother and she soon got picked up by the wise […]

  • Shawn M (Texas):

    I worked for Mathesion Tri Gas from June 2018 to July 2019. I recently got hired with L3 Harris in Rockwall, TX and was scheduled to begin July 29th. I put in my 2 weeks at my previous job to be […]

  • Steven B (Arizona):

    I was unable to pay rent a couple of months so I have an eviction notice and really need to pay what is owed so my family can stay in our home. I have a plan for the future but have not been […]

  • Robert G (Alabama):

    July 27th I woke up and realized that $800 was missing out of my debit card. I checked my bank statement and had various charges to some American companies and companies from France Algeria; […]

  • Christopher C (Louisiana):

    We have had unexpected medical and day to day expenses. We live month to month on limited income and life threw us extra expenditures this month making us short on food and […]

  • Bobby G (Mississippi):

    My power and water are about to be shut off and I’m out of grocery’s. I need to pay last months power and at least $70 on water. I can eat extremely cheap like a few bags of dried beans and […]

  • Todd H (Arizona):

    My benefit check did not come in July but it will be here in August. I need to pay bills now. Also my phone died but I will have q link wireless on July 25th same number. I need help with  food […]

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    LaKeisha M (Georgia):

    I currently have a vehicle that needs $5600.00 in repairs and I’ve already given out over $300.00 so far on an issue that hasn’t helped the situation. With the car breaking down I’ve had to […]

  • Roger R (Texas):

    I had to repair my vehicle that had broke down last month and again this month. Unexpected vehicle repair to the only vehicle I have for VA and VA approved specialist and Dr […]

  • William C (Missouri):

    The VA cut my check in half around the same time we had a windstorm come thru and blew part of the roof off.

    Crusaders Notes:
    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to buy groceries and help […]

  • Shamelia W (Florida):

    I am currently unemployed and the only source of income in my household is my husband’s income. He works in construction and because of the weather and canceled work days, he has not been […]

  • Michael S (Virginia):

    I had to take two months off work to help my father who had passed of cancer. Since then I have been struggling emotionally and my ptsd had persistently gotten worse. I fell behind on my […]

  • Michael C (Virginia Beach):

    We are behind due to an unforeseen medical illness that has left me unable to work. I’m  currently working with the local VA clinic to be cleared in order to return to work. I’m […]

  • Brian B (Arizona):

    I am a wounded (100%) disabled veteran and unemployable. My spouse/caregiver has been recently getting sick a lot and now on unpaid sick leave which is putting us in a much more difficult […]

  • Kathryn R (Texas):

    Facing eviction on July 12th due to nonpayment on rent. The reason I couldn’t pay is because I have a special needs son that requires many trips to specialist and hospital stays for testing. […]

  • Deja W (Michigan):

    In the last few months my life has been turned upside down and I’ve been trying to get back in control of it. My marriage cost me everything from my job to now my home. I am currently […]

  • Vincent M (Alabama):

    The united way was not able to give us all the money needed to pay our rent and late fees. We cannot make up the difference. We need help to keep from getting evicted.

    Crusaders […]

  • Daniel M (California):

    I’m recovering from a financial issue when I had a head on collision with my Sentra on 12-21-18 which I had just put 2k down for. I had to rush out and grab another vehicle to transport all […]

  • John C (New Hampshire):

    I am a Navy Veteran who can no longer work due to PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Memory Loss and Agoraphobia. Because of this, my wife had to leave her job to stay home with me as a full time […]

  • Latasha G (Virginia):

    I am single mother of three kids and I just don’t have the money at the time to pay this bill. I am starting a new job next week so I will be able to pay my bills.

    Crusaders […]

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