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  • Kenneth H (Kentucky):

    I am employed full time plus overtime. I’m able to pay my bills so long as overtime was achieved. Recently, my employer has cut work days down to four days with the amount of hours maxed out […]

  • Gregory A (Illinois):

    I was evicted July 2018 due to mortgage fraud and need help with security deposit and first month rent and I need groceries. I hope you can help.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans […]

  • Brian H (Indiana):

    I let my ex girlfriend and her daughter move in during the polar vortex due to them being homeless, and my ex-girlfriend took advantage of my service connected disability and put me behind on […]

  • Laresha B (Georgia):

    I lost my job and fell behind on rent. I reached out for help but it did not come in time so I’ve been evicted from my apartment. I have a 40% disability rating, 1 child 10 years old in home […]

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    Patrick Y (Arizona):

    I was working 6 months part-time as a servers assistant at Dennys and I was wrongfully let terminated, having never missed a day of work and never been late. I’m a 50% VA disabled veteran and […]

  • Cassie G (Florida):

    I was laid off in October of 2018 without any severance. I did not secure a full time job until December and at 40k less than my previous position. By then I was already behind. St. Timothy […]

  • Aaron G (Virginia):
    I recently switched jobs and because of this I have gotten behind. If I could just have help with rent that would free up enough money to square all of my bills away and I would be totally […]

  • Jasmine M (Texas):

    I’m needing help after my husband passed. I am unemployed and have no monthly income until I receive benefits from the VA.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans is coordinating with TAPS […]

  • Richard B (Arizona):

    I was 2 months behind with late charges but now have 2 months late charges and I am one month behind on my rent. I was referred to community action by valor for veterans and they could pay […]

  • Timothy M (Louisiana):

    I moved to Louisiana in order to change my life for the better and am still trying to find a a job. I am currently staying in a house and am in danger of losing it because I cannot find […]

  • Nelson S (Texas):

    I am currently moving from one apartment complex to another. Due to an increase in rent for 2019, I am unable to stay with my current jobs income. I originally applied to the apartment complex […]

  • Christopher B (Ohio):

    Our van broke down and we only get paid one time per month so we fell behind. We do not have any food in the house. We need coats for our children, laundry soap, tp paper, towels and […]

  • Michael B (Colorado):

    I am 100% disabled Veteran. My school closed with out notice and I am having trouble getting into a new college. I have no funds for food or necessities. It’s hard to ask for help. I just […]

  • Robert M (New York):

    I graduated Monroe Community College in Rochester. Now I am working on my PTSD and physical ailments at the Canandaigua VA so I am moving here. I also do all my primary care here, and my […]

  • John S (Kentucky):

    My long term disability with unum is being held up for some reason. So I need help with my cable bill, rent, car payment and utility bill.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans will need […]

  • Delia R (Florida):

    I am pending an increase through the VA and am unable to work due to PTSD and other related issues. I am a war vet. My vehicle is past due and I have no money to buy toilet paper or […]

  • Keith C (Pennsylvania):

    I have a shut off notice for my water bill. The water bills are quarterly and I got caught up on it early last quarter so I thought the next bill was not due until next month. I’m […]

  • Murlene W (South Carolina):

    I am in need of immediate assistance with my rent/utilities/water. They are all included in one bill. My employer just went out of business and I need one time help for myself and […]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, No Power 1 month ago

    James A (Missouri):

    I receive a VA disability pension so I am living below the poverty level. I try to make ends meet and ran a little short but I’m going to be alright. My utility bills got behind and my rent […]

  • Scotty L (Florida):

    I was in a bad car accident in November and have been unable to work. I will be able to return to work this month. I received help with the rent and electric last month and I have paid all […]

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