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  • Evan K (Florida):

    I am a service connected disabled veteran (70%), so I have a steady income. Usually, I am fine each month because I budget. Within the last 2 weeks, I had a roommate (who is now gone) who had […]

  • Michael G (Florida):

    I am in need of assistance with my rent which is $1695 and I have a late fee of 100 dollars. I am a disabled veteran who has my 5 year old grandson living with me and we are in serious need […]

  • Gary N (North Carolina):

    Due to TBI and PTSD I have a 100% disability rating from the VA and am unable to work and have fallen behind on my mortgage. Through the generous donation of Penfed, I was able to obtain […]

  • Louis R (Florida):

    My husband doesn’t realize that he is spending money due to all his health issues. He has no control of the accounts anymore. I have taken it away from him. I am a month and a half past due on […]

  • Jason N (Florida):

    I had a service connected injury to my back that progressively got worse with time. In February 2019 I went completely immobile from the waist down and had to have emergency spine surgery and […]

  • Jimmy P (Kentucky):

    Me and my ex-wife were both working after she got through with school. I was going to go back and she said ok. Well I quit my job, started working construction to just bring cash in and 2 […]

  • Vincent A (Florida): 

    I wasn’t able to work due to my chronic heart failure and just need assistance this one time with my rent. I have recently returned back to work.

    Crusaders […]

  • Karen Rudolph-Strong (Alabama):

    We have been classified as homeless since January, 2019. I need help paying my Alabama Power Bill. I hope to find and rent an apartment or house soon. The final bill has not been […]

  • John L Bryant (Utah):

    I was in a car accident and lost pay for the time I missed. I’ve been unable to keep up on rent bills for the last year. With late fees etc, the bank will not loan the money to get back on […]

  • Thomas C (California):

    I’m a 100 service-connected veteran. I paid all my bills but my dog was attacked by another dog so I had to pay the vet $1800 and that put me in a bad spot. All my bills are paid. I just […]

  • Keisha C (Florida):

    I’m recently going through a divorce. I lost about $35k from my spouse and I splitting up. I’m managing but things are just a little hard. I’m short with my rent this month with all the other […]

  • Al W (Illinois):

    I had to install a new furnace and air conditioning so I have no funds to pay utilities. I have received a disconnect notice. I am 70 years old and receive ssi and veterans disability.

    Crusaders […]

  • Timothy R (Georgia): 

    On March 15, 2019, I had surgery on my neck Cervical Myelopathy. My 2nd through 6th vertebra because my nerves were to tight. My left shoulder arm had a pinched nerve too. This was caused b […]

  • Maria R (Florida):

    In April my Eb-benefits account was hacked and my banking information was compromised including changing it to get my compensation this past May. Long story short. Police reports were filed, […]

  • Joe H (California):

    I did not receive my VA pay last month or this month because they put my account information in wrong.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to buy them food while they deal […]

  • Erwin M (Texas):

    In 2017, I was without contract work for nearly six months before my next gig. In my industry it often times takes months before I’m hired or a project receives the proper funding. I’m in the […]

  • John B (Florida):

    I was taking pills from the va that brought my potassium level down. I quit the med but had to go to the ER. I have a job but I won’t get a good check for 2 weeks and my saving account is […]

  • Christopher B (California):

    I have no money for food until I get my post 9/11 bill payment. I graduated from one school in late April and started a new school May 14th 201.

    Crusaders […]

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    Entsminger M (Iowa): 

    I broke my arm then fractured my hip and they discovered my pelvis was also fractured. All of this was within a week. I was in the hospital for two months. My Son, who has drug problems […]

  • Shawn M (California):

    I am currently unemployed with 3 children ages 3,6 and 7. Everyday is a struggle to feed my family to the point that I’ve thought of stealing food from the supermarket but I have morals and […]

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