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  • Cornelius P (Missouri):

    I am applying for assistance because my father cannot see very well. Due to losing his sight, I am putting my contact information.

    I’m his daughter. For the last few weeks, me, my dad, […]

  • Elyse M (Oklahoma):

    I had to scramble to find work after losing my job in March of this year. My daughters health and the loss of income depleted our finances. We got by until I took a job but we had to move due […]

  • Jose M (Florida):

    I just got approved for Hud-Vash. Despite being at $0 income, I am still responsible for $229 in rent. I do not have that. I was not told this up front. The property manager has told me I have […]

  • Ashley W (Georgia):

    I was able to pay $440.00 on the bill. If the whole thing can’t be paid, any help is appreciated. My husband was kept out of work for a month due to shoulder injuries and we are currently […]

  • Katee W (Georgia):

    I was evicted and have not been able to find stable housing since so I have been homeless with my daughter or living out of hotels. I’m behind on bills and am not able to obtain a job to add to […]

  • Mary C (Alabama):

    The month of August and September was really hard for me financially because my two children started school. Being a single parent in a one income household, I had to make sure the kids had the […]

  • Camille M (Illinois):

    I lost my job last week unexpectedly so I do not have enough cash on hand for this months expenses. I’m waiting for unemployment benefits and searching for a new job.

    Crusaders […]

  • Kevin J W (New Jersey):

    I have fallen behind with my utilities. I have very low income. My income is only from my disability payment from the VA which is 70%. I’m paying 337 each month for rent and still paying […]

  • Shakira S (Alabama):

    I am living from check to check as a single parent. To even afford to live, I am currently taking out pay day loans and behind on bills to make ends meet. I am buried in debt with no […]

  • Jamie I (Arizona:)

    I fell behind months ago due to unexpected medical issues, expenses and legal/attorney fees. I’ve had to pay to resolve some issues from 2015. Since these have put me in a bind, my account […]

  • Lisa W (New Hampshire):

    I became ill with a condition that causes vertigo in 2015. It impacted my ability to work and I became homeless in June of 2018 with my disabled son. I am currently dealing with landlord […]

  • Randolph W (Florida):

    We were displaced by the hurricane two years ago and have been struggling ever since.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay the water and electric bill. Please donate […]

  • Stephen B (Kentucky):

    Recently since my flashbacks and  nightmares are current, I’ve  withdrawn from family. My wife is in treatment for the next six months for her depression. I’ve had my Son for the summer a […]

  • Barry M (Pennsylvania):

    I have been out of work for six months and recently got a job as a night janitor. I’m very much behind on bills and my job only pays $10 an hour. We also had to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy […]

  • Grayson H (Arizona):

    My wife had to quit her job to be my caregiver due to my disabilities and my ex-wife is trying to withhold income for false claims of back child support. My ex-wife’s filing was denied but […]

  • Amanda S (Virginia):

    I have attached my whole package of assistance of which my children and I needed help with this month. However, the only things left that my children and I need assistance with are the power […]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, Homeless 2 months ago

    Mark L (Texas):

    I am Medically retired from the US Army My wife and I just got out of Bonham Texas inpatient PTSD and brain injury program. I went home to help my mother and she soon got picked up by the wise […]

  • Shawn M (Texas):

    I worked for Mathesion Tri Gas from June 2018 to July 2019. I recently got hired with L3 Harris in Rockwall, TX and was scheduled to begin July 29th. I put in my 2 weeks at my previous job to be […]

  • Robert G (Alabama):

    July 27th I woke up and realized that $800 was missing out of my debit card. I checked my bank statement and had various charges to some American companies and companies from France Algeria; […]

  • Christopher C (Louisiana):

    We have had unexpected medical and day to day expenses. We live month to month on limited income and life threw us extra expenditures this month making us short on food and […]

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