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  • Hi RD, sorry I’ve been off a while. I now retired from law enforcement

  • Tanya H (Louisiana):

    I left my husband due to domestic abuse and I have a restraining order in place because he was threatening our lives. He wiped out my bank account this month but I removed him from my account […]

  • Betty J (North Carolina):

    I did not receive my Vocational Rehab payment and my husband can not work due to disability, so we are living paycheck to paycheck. I recently graduated from my undergraduate degree in […]

  • James R (North Carolina):

    I was living with my brother until he passed away. Shortly after that, I became because I could not keep up with the bills on my own. I’ve been staying in transitional housing and have […]

  • I love promoting our veterans and having some fun with the girls! IMG_0247

    I love promoting our veterans and having some fun with the girls! IMG_0247
  • Jeffrey M (Iowa):

    These are the bills for electric because I have 2 meters. We lost nursing care for my disabled son. They have reduced his nursing care to where I am unable to work and have become a caregiver. […]

  • Kenneth V (Texas):

    My electric has been turned off for a returned payment. I have 6 minor children at home and do not have the $795 to turn my power back on. I have been unable to work due to a surgery and I am […]

  • Kevin S (Ohio):

    I am in need of help to pay my rent. I had a shoulder injury which was more severe than expected I had shoulder-cuff surgery last September 12th. I am recovering and in daily therapy.  I am e […]

  • Perry M (Tennessee):

    I started working on Thursday and don’t get paid until Friday. I do not have gas to make it the rest of the week and I don’t have food to feed my family until I get paid.

    Crusaders […]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, No Rent Money 1 month ago

    Kenneth H (Kentucky):

    I am employed full time plus overtime. I’m able to pay my bills so long as overtime was achieved. Recently, my employer has cut work days down to four days with the amount of hours maxed out […]

  • Shout out to me fellow Crusaders Valor For Veterans royalty! 635580F6-726B-4981-839B-C7C1FF67D951

    Shout out to me fellow Crusaders Valor For Veterans royalty! 635580F6-726B-4981-839B-C7C1FF67D951
  • Richard Burton posted an update 1 month ago

    I’m not getting any better! I’m still fighting for all of my disability benefits from 3 different government agencies. The VA hospital doctors have been stating that I’m supposed to be 100% disabled and that I’m not ever able to work any job again. However, the VA compensation and pension has been denying me for 4 years and SSDI has been denying…[Read more]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, Need Food 1 month ago

    Gregory A (Illinois):

    I was evicted July 2018 due to mortgage fraud and need help with security deposit and first month rent and I need groceries. I hope you can help.

    Crusaders Notes:

    Crusadersvalorforveterans […]

  • Kelly Crusader posted a photo 1 month ago

    hey there valor! 😀 851B8263-5C30-4B63-935C-DE159490B177

    hey there valor! 😀 851B8263-5C30-4B63-935C-DE159490B177
  • Mackenzie Crusader posted an update 1 month ago

    “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” -Confucius

  • Brian H (Indiana):

    I let my ex girlfriend and her daughter move in during the polar vortex due to them being homeless, and my ex-girlfriend took advantage of my service connected disability and put me behind on […]

  • Laresha B (Georgia):

    I lost my job and fell behind on rent. I reached out for help but it did not come in time so I’ve been evicted from my apartment. I have a 40% disability rating, 1 child 10 years old in home […]

  • V4V Admin wrote a new post, No Power 1 month ago

    Patrick Y (Arizona):

    I was working 6 months part-time as a servers assistant at Dennys and I was wrongfully let terminated, having never missed a day of work and never been late. I’m a 50% VA disabled veteran and […]

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