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    I would like to tell you about the 2019 “Trailblazers: Women Breaking Barrier” this week. Robbin Alex, Chapter Captain Team RWB (Red, White and Blue) Omaha has been recognized by Dept of Veterans Affairs as one of this years Women Veteran Trailblazers. 15 women veterans representing all branches of military service in a 2019 campaign “Trailblazers: Women Breaking Barriers” The “I Am Not Invisible” (IANI) was developed in Oregon. The Trailblazers aim to raise awareness, dialogue among women veterans, as well as open viewer’s eyes in the myriad of contributions, needs and experiences of women who have served in the military. The Trailblazers continue to serve their Country and Communities after they left the service. The Trailblazers were introduced at a ceremony at the Women’s Memorial (WIMSA) in DC on March 7th. During the ceremony a photo exhibit and documentary video were unveiled sharing interviews all of the 15 that were honored. VA’s Center for Women Veterans will host this exhibit in VAMC’s nationwide and travel to additional facilities. This will highlight these inspiring women and increase the awareness of women Veterans.
    The following women are the 2019 Women Veteran Trailblazers:
    * Robbin Alex, U.S. Navy; Pappilion, Nebraska
    * Cathy Bennett-Santos, U.S. Army; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    * Patricia Collins, U.S. Army; Alexandria, Virginia
    * Diana Danis, U.S. Army; Bloomington, Nebraska
    * Kyleanne Hunter, U.S. Marine Corps, Leesburg, Virginia
    * Michele Jones, U.S. Army; Jacksonville, Florida
    * Judy Keene, U.S. Coast Guard; Washington, D.C.
    * Ginger Miller, U.S. Navy; Accokeek, Maryland
    * Tonja Myles, U S. Army; Zachary, Louisiana
    * Amanda Plante, U.S. Navy; Santee, California
    * Linda Singh, Army National Guard; Bowie, Maryland
    * Cassie Strom, U.S. Air Force; St. Louis, Missouri
    * Wilma Vaught, U.S. Air Force; Falls Church, Virginia
    * Melissa Washington, U.S. Navy; Lincoln, California
    * Tanya Whitney, U.S. Army; Sorrento, Louisiana.
    Congratulations to all my fellow sister in arms!
    Please click on the link below to see all the Trailblazers and the ceremony: