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    Wondering why no one is speaking anymore

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    @traceynazarenus Tracey, Your most recent request for help is from a 100% disabled veteran. PLEASE NOTE Army Relief Society will help here. From their web site note: Who is eligible? Soldiers on active duty and their eligible dependents. Soldiers retired from active duty because of longevity, or retired upon reaching age 60 (Reserve Component) and their eligible Family members. Widows(ers) and orphans of Soldiers who died while on active duty or while retired. Medically retired Soldiers and their eligible Family members. <<< HERE A standard service is helping with rent. I recommend you contact each services Relief Society and get contacts that you can use. God bless Bob

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    Just donated! Feeling good about all the work I'm seeing done here! Keep it up, VFV!

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    @eaglemed God Bless you Sir!

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    @traceynazarenus Tracey we are hiring various positions. Veterans go to the top of the list. please share...Thanks Dana

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    “Whatever you are, be a good one.” -William Makepeace Thackeray

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    Hi RD, sorry I've been off a while. I now retired from law enforcement

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    Welcome @vfwnashville

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    @traceynazarenus This is Edward Nusspickel you had helped my family a while back when we were in a bad spot. Well I am writing to you because of a sad but true need I have. My wife left me due to having an affair with an old neighbor of ours and moved in with him. She left me with all the bills for the house and I have been trying to get things caught up but need help with just one bill I have been trying to get caught up which is my rent. It is 985 and if I don’t pay it before the 2nd I will be losing my home. Please please help me take care of this as I have no where else to turn. My phone number is 7273202624

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    @karenuu8448 Hello, Keran! I got an unusual message a little while ago: "I decide to contact you in good faith hoping that we would be friends because i have a lot to discuss with you, let me introduce myself in brief, my names are miss Karen Gerni i am working with United States Army, please contact me trough my private email well i wait your reply for more information, thanks" This seems a bit unusual. Don't you agree?

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