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  • Do we have any support up in the Washington, Ga area ? please contact me thank you .

  • Hello all we are working hard to keep helping and supporting the best we can while getting Companion Ranch open for services next year is our goal but progress is always good no matter the speed. Thank you all for the support

  • Well i guess i will be over at Companion Ranch. If you all need me for anything that is the place i will be. Please reach out. Talk to you all some other time. TIA Have fun, Be safe.

  • Hello everyone, i hope you all are in good spirits. I do see some of the awesome work your team everyone who is involved. Finding the help they need during these hard times. I would like to personally thank you all myself. I will continue to do what i can to help support and share and hopes of one day doing more. TIA

  • Hello everyone, we are going to be posting our first project for Companion Ranch next week. It will be in a presentation form so everyone can see what we are doing. I will be also working on finishing our Flyer for our first mailer soon i hope within a month or so. I will be working on finalizing some data to some places like. DUNS account, SAMs…[Read more]

  • Just dropping in to say hello all, seems everything has died down or something? I am here if i can help in anyway let me know. I do not have much to help with i am in the building phase of CR. I am sharing and passing around everything i see. Seems not many passing around CR’s hard work for our mission. All good we will keep stepping and doing…[Read more]

    • Thank you for helping! We have been helping a lot of veterans and it’s been a very intense few weeks

      • No problem at all. I am happy that i can help when i am able. I can see you all just doing awesome work all of you. Glad to see so many come together to help.

  • Hello all, we are still working on getting out first project up and will be looking for support. Thank you for all the continued support. I will try and do what i can to help. TIA

  • Hello all, i hope everyone is well. I just wanted to give everyone a update on Companion Ranch. We are working on our DUNS account, SAMS account, CAGE account, Google ad account and finishing a Techsoup so we can get some advertising going. Thank you all for the continued support. TIA for all the shares i have seen.

  • Hello all, Please take another look at our Website. we have been blessed with some help from our ever growing team. I can not thank you enough for taking the time to help us out here at CR. If i can help in anyway i will.

  • Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read or just accepted my friends requests i had sent out. Please feel free to check out our Facebook page. While we are working out a way to get our website setup and to keep it simple for all. Companion Ranch has been working hard to get things ready to open for services. Like so many non profits we are…[Read more]

    Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read or just accepted my friends requests i had sent out
  • @companionranch Hi: I live in Maine and am renovating my house for disabled/homeless veterans as a boarding house. I’m in need of a stairlift and some help with small renovations. I’m a disabled Vietnam era veteran myself and in a powerchair. I have a new aluminum wheelchair ramp, am buying all new appliances in the next week or two, just…[Read more]

    • Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. Well i am out in Colorado in the Pueblo West area trying to get Companion Ranch ready for services. This is a place for Disabled Vets with Service animals. I plan on bringing in our disabled Community so they can come out and enjoy the services as well. I will not allow the community to use these…[Read more]

      • Thank you so much Jimmy and if I find people in your area I’ll point them your way as well. God Bless, RD Peterson

        • That sounds awesome sir. I will send you a message if i know anyone in your area. 🙂 Tracey also mentioned that in Brighton Colorado for those suffering from PTSD. They are specially trained

      • Crusaders ranch is in Brighton Colorado. Ours is for those suffering from PTSD. Our horses are specially trained great to see there’s one for disabled excellent

  • Hello all, sorry i have not been on lately. I have been running around with my head cut off. Working on different parts of Companion Ranch. Hope all is well.

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