• Richard Burton posted an update 1 month ago

    I’m not getting any better! I’m still fighting for all of my disability benefits from 3 different government agencies. The VA hospital doctors have been stating that I’m supposed to be 100% disabled and that I’m not ever able to work any job again. However, the VA compensation and pension has been denying me for 4 years and SSDI has been denying me for 4 years. I can’t find a worthy lawyer, all of the veteran organizations haven’t helped, and complaints to Judges, Congress, and Senate have gone nowhere for help. I get help from nowhere. I live like I’m nothing. The doctors and psychiatrist have diagnosed me with PTSD as well and documented on VA forms, but the PTSD clinic keeps denying me for that as well. Yet no one listens, even news stations who say they care about helping to get a good story started haven’t helped!!!