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    @hiramfigueroa Nice to meet you @hiramfigueroa I have heard great things about you...looking forward to working with you more!

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    Could you possibly know anyone that could help us move our Belongings out of storage, (Ground floor, Outside), into our new apartment, (Again, Ground Level)? We’re in Middletown, Ohio and we got the keys today. Storage is in Middletown, about only 10 miles away from apartment. We move in tomorrow around noonish est. You can contact us thru here, or veteransradio@hotmail.com or even better to call: (708)495-5885. >> ** UPDATE: Anyone that helps my family move on 4/20 will get treated to a NEW MOVIE PREMIER: "Bad Samaritan" on May 4th in Middletown/ Hamilton area: (Time and Place TBA) **<<<< https://legionm.com/ = From Stargate and Independence Day to "The Librarians", legendary filmmaker Dean Devlin has had a hand in some of the biggest hits in the business. For his latest project Bad Samaritan -- a psychological thriller starring David Tennant and Robert Sheehan -- Dean has joined forces with Legion M to get FANS in on the action! By adding Bad Samaritan to our slate of projects, Legion M has given our fan-owners around the world a chance to partner with one of the most successful creators in Hollywood. To celebrate, we're organizing opening-weekend meetups around the country with special fan exclusives including free limited-edition Bad Samaritan gift bags (while supplies last!).

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    @sheryle Sheryle, I mailed you some copies of my new book Six Days of Impossible Navy SEAL Hell Week. They should arrive soon. These are for you to use as you see fit. Perhaps they can be used as a reward for donations or at a fundraiser. The book is getting rave reviews on Amazon, and if you want to consider an ongoing book reward for donations opportunity, I can make the book available to VFV at cost. Good luck and God bless. Robert Adams, MD 910-916-1982 sealhellweek.com

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    @melinda Hi Melinda, Thanks for the Like, pleasure to meet you ! Jenn

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    Hi Folks, I am new to this website and am getting the hang of it slowly. The main thing that I offer is a process called HeartThread. I train practitioners in this modality and teach workshops as well as offering sessions. My passion is to create model Trauma Healing Centers which can then be copied in many parts of the world using a combination of HeartThread and a variety of other therapies. Because HeartThread is a "new" modality it is not well known and much of my work is sharing about it. You can read more on the website www.HealingTheScars.org. If you live in the Boulder CO area or Santa Fe/Albuquerque area, I am offering workshops and trainings in March and April. I also offer HeartThread sessions over the phone.

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