Make it Your Duty to Get Involved

Most people would agree that our Veterans have sacrificed much, and most are quick to offer a handshake and a thank you… But what many of our Veterans really need is a hand-up, and two hands out in the form of hands-on help. That’s exactly what the Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ does. We are in the trenches every day with our Veterans in-need.

We invite you to become a part of Crusaders Valor for Veterans™, because without people like you, we couldn’t do what we do.

Whether you simply want to share and/or donate, or if you’d liked to get further involved by working directly with us and our veterans, whatever your level of support, we’d welcome you to our team; a network of individuals and organizations who really do care and are showing it by their actions, not just words.

How You Can Help


★ Donate ★
This platform is backed by a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that makes all of this possible. Every story you see on our site showcases an individual and a family that had circumstances spiraling out of control. Without the financial support from people like you…let’s just say that it would be horrible to think about where our Veterans would be without it.

Please, contribute what you can through a Direct Donation Here

★ Get Involved ★
Are you part of, or want to become a part of a Veteran Help Group? We are a Network of groups that work together in a “holistic” manner in order to help our Veterans, because often times, it takes a tribe to help the individual in-need. If you represent an organization, please sign them up by creating your organization’s Group right here on Crusaders Valor for Veterans™.

If you have an area of expertise that can lend to helping Veterans, peruse the Veteran’s Groups on Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ and see if there is a perfect fit for your area of expertise. Remember, each group offers something unique for our Veterans, and your skills may be just the fit for one of our Network Groups. Start or join a group by clicking here.