Lost Hope

As shared by Candise W:

Where to start… I have a $1,000 past due electric bill and a $45 water bill and both are in danger of being turned off. I had to get a refrigerator for my home since the landlord did not provide one, but it is a rent to own thing and they are calling every day wanting their payment that I do not have. Our Food stamp benefits expired and we never got the renewal due to an error with USPS not forwarding our mail after we moved, so we have little food in the house. I purchased a vehicle with a 3rd row about 6 months ago but haven’t been able to register it due to not having the money for tax, title and registration which will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200-1500. On top of all that, yesterday I found out that my baby has a hole in her heart, a thick aortic valve and a two vessel cord, which has upgraded us to a high-risk pregnancy. We have to travel 2 hours one way to go to the hospital for checkups every week and we don’t even have a bassinet or car seat for when she arrives. We had to spend some of our bill money for a washer and dryer because we could not afford to spend almost $100 every week at the laundromat. I don’t know what to do anymore. It seems that every time there is a light at the end of the tunnel, something comes along and boards it up, kicking us back to the ground again. We are flat broke and could really use some help!

Notes from Crusaders:

Candise is an amazing veteran who needs help. Please help us raise money for this wonderful veteran and her family! We will contact the electric company and try to make a deal with them. If they are unwilling to work with us, we will raise money for the electric bill and money to order groceries for the Family. After we get them some food, we will locate food banks in their area. We will work on finding people to donate lightly used baby stuff. If you are in a position to help, please donate what you can or share Candise’s story on your social media accounts. Thank you for your support!