Kids Come First

As shared by Frank U:

My landlord tried to do an illegal eviction, which was dismissed by the court on April 30, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. So 45 minutes afterword, he showed up and gave me a written notice of termination of lease. I have until the 31st of May. I need to move to Pontiac IL, so my children and I can be closer to their mother so I have someone that will be there for the kids if something happens to me. The U-haul expense to move from Nebraska to Illinois will take most of my disability income. I just need a hand up so expenses don’t get out of control. The cost of the U-haul is $818.  I am a disabled Veteran with a 60% disability rating so I have income coming in. I also need help with local resources for veterans in Pontiac, IL.

Note from Crusaders:

We will raise the money to pay for the U-Haul bill and also help connect Frank with VA resources in Illinois, once he is moved.