In the Dark

Michael S (Ohio):

This month I was offered a position with a non-profit for veterans and was told I should come to Las Vegas for a business convention. I explained to them I didn’t have the funds to do so this month and I was assured I would be taken care of so I went with $40 to my name. I had to get myself something to eat and a ride and that pretty much took all of the $40. I was in a sense made to feel guilty about not having the funds to take care of myself when I got there, so I struggled, ate minimally and just survived. Now that I am back, I got a notice late last night that my service for power would be subject to disconnect in 24 hrs, I called them and arranged a payment plan to get my minimum payment due down to $46. I have tried to sell some things and even asked the only family member I have to help, but nothing I could do in time. My power is subject to be shut off any moment now as they gave me until 7pm EST to get them the 46$.

Notes from Crusaders:

We will be paying his electric bill. Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096