I’m Broken

Michael S (California):

When I returned from the Middle East on August 10th, 2018, we lost all of our benefits on September 4th, 2018. We were late with rent for October. We were late with every bill we had, some bills didn’t get paid. I am not currently working. I am receiving unemployment. That goes to fuel for our vehicle, food, household goods, and whatever bills we can pay with it. It’s gone within two days. I’m fully vested in the VA system now. I’m waiting on the VA for a rating and disability compensation. I will start school January, 2019. I will be working towards a Masters of Divinity from Azusa Pacific in San Diego, CA. Our vehicle recently became dangerous to drive. There is something wrong with the brakes, we still drive it. That’s the only vehicle we have. My Wife, Teri, is a full time student at the Art Institute in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. I will receive the GI BILL monthly, once I start school. It’s a little over $1K. My priorities would be, fix the vehicle ASAP. Rent for November, $1,800. Food for the house. We have adults and one Grandson. I hope you can help us? We are in constant prayer and live by blind faith. God said He would take care of all of our needs.

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