Shocked in Our Apartment

Albert L (Florida):

My partner and I were shocked in our apartment on November 18, 2020. I was washing dishes and he was taking a shower. This caused my partner to hit his head and fall once the shock ended. We have complained to the Landlord numerous times regarding being shocked in the shower in addition to roach and rodent problems, and the presence of Black Mold. The Black Mold problem is so bad that it caused my VSO to have an asthma attack. Upon complaining to the Landlord, she brought out a handy man to check the problem. This individual did not even enter into the apartment to check anything and we were told the issue was fixed. When we stated that she needed a licensed electrician to evaluate the property, she stated that she had “consulted numerous experts” and said it’s not an electrical issue. The next day there was a “Three day notice to vacate” posted on our door and City Code Compliance was taking pictures and asked us some questions regarding the building. The next day my partner filed a complaint with the city about being shocked and learned that the licenses to the building were revoked pending a Use & Occupancy Inspection.

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