Cornelius P (Missouri):

I am applying for assistance because my father cannot see very well. Due to losing his sight, I am putting my contact information.

I’m his daughter. For the last few weeks, me, my dad, and Achilles (my dad’s service dog) have been homeless and stranded in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. We had a Budget Rental Truck that we were living in, but it broke down constantly due to a damaged battery. The truck was overdue and late to be returned, so it was towed with our possessions to Hazelwood, MO. Since we had no means of transportation, Budget said they disposed of our belongings on the 26th of this month. I have used every penny I had to feed us and buy a few nights in a hotel. After running out of funds, we are now sleeping in the streets and hoping that things get better soon. After my dad suffered from a heart attack and a massive stroke, my dad was unable to work, and I was unable to keep my job, due to caring for him and making sure he went to his rehab appointments. He is also losing his sight and experiencing short term memory loss. Obviously, it is very difficult and dangerous for us out here, especially when he is having trouble seeing. My father is an Army Veteran, who has had 3 strokes, 5 heart attacks, he is diabetic, losing his sight, and is experiencing short term memory loss due to the last stroke. We have tried filling for disability, and he was turned down because his VA doctor said his diabetes was well managed. We have tried the Poplar Bluff Housing Authority, the SSVF Veteran Housing program, and HUD VASH, so far they put us on a long wait list but have done nothing. We have no money for food or a means of shelter. We have been sleeping on the streets or on an outside table at Taco Bell until they close then we sleep on the streets again and hope the police don’t arrest us.

Crusaders Notes:

Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to get them off the streets and in with family. Tracey Nazarenus CEO Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096