As shared by Earl H:

My wife and I were forced out of our apartment in Oak lawn, Illinois by our ex-Landlord. He told us May 1st he would not renew our lease when it expires at the end of Sept. 2017 because he did not want Section 8 in his building any longer. He forced us out illegally. We have NEVER missed rent and we owe him nothing. We have no car, no way to go get food and our bus pass’s expired. So much has gone wrong since the move here to Justice. Nothing but a dollar store, CVS and gas station any where close to us. Our rent went up, electric went up and now we have to pay a cat fee each month, (before we did not), also we have to pay renters insurance, (before we did not). We need help with food, pet supplies for our cat and money to help with the move to Ohio on March 1st 2018.

Note from Crusaders:

Earl is a Veteran. Earl and his wife were living in section 8 housing in Illinois. Due to unsafe living conditions, they moved to Middletown Ohio hoping to get help and a fresh start. They arrived to a lot of red tape and needed food and emergency housing. We ordered food from Walmart and the local catholic church holy family picked up the order and delivered to the the family. Earl and his wife are now staying with friends. They are waiting for section 8 housing and should have their own home soon.