Thousands of soldiers deploy every year over seas in our nation’s defense. When they return, they’re never the same myself included; All with a story of some kind to tell. A story that would probably never be heard.

Not every act of Bravery overseas earned a Medal Of Honor but it still was an act of selfless Duty, Courage under fire and unwaivering Sacrifce that should be shared with everyone.

My little Band of Brothers want to give these soldiers an oportunity to share their experinces with the world. We are raising money to help produce my screenplay with a few of these stories. For years soldiers have gone day by day without having anyone know what they’ve experienced. We are here now trying to give them an oportunity to tell it, so that the world can here them all and not just the ones they want you to hear. We truly believe that this would help bring some comfort to those who feel forgotten.

This would mean the world to us and others like us if you could help us get that opportunity. With the success of this production I’m hoping more soldiers or their families will come forward to tell their experiences.