Healing The Scars is dedicated to helping those affected by war, violence, abuse and trauma to heal from the imprints and conditioning that inhibit their ability to have a happy, fully conscious and satisfying life. We achieve results through the use of a powerful transformative modality called HeartThread. The vision of Healing The Scars is to establish healing centers where HeartThread can be used in collaboration with a variety of other healing modalities and therapies under Medical Control.
The vision is to establish a land based community in Northern New Mexico where the first center can be located followed by urban and rural centers around the world. Training in HeartThread, leadership, stewardship of the Earth and healthful lifestyles will be a major aspect of these centers which will eventually also create healing councils for groups that have traditionally been “enemies” to find common ground for the creation of a New Earth that is free of war, violence and abuse, and which operates on a basis of co-operation and collaboration.