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Do you represent a “not-for-profit” Veterans Support Group or Organization? Do you offer a no-cost service for “Veterans in Need”?

Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ is the first platform of its kind to bring non-profit Veteran groups together in order to offer the Veteran a “holistic” set of solutions for their care and needs in a systematic process. As our Founder says, “It often takes a tribe to help the individual” and that’s what Valor for Veterans is all about.


  • Do you represent a group or organization that helps Veterans? That’s what this platform facilitates, and in a systematic way that collapses the timeline and allows us to more efficiently and effectively help our Veterans, together.
  • We have more Veterans coming into requesting help than one team can handle. The Crusaders team members are the boots on the ground behind the V4V initiative, (and we process and help every valid case that comes through our system) but we can only do so much. Often times we reach out to other organizations to help in areas that we cannot. Bottom line… We need your help. Our Veterans need your help. You’ve made a declaration to help our Veterans. We can do more together. We can do better together.
  • Many of the Veterans that come to you directly are in need of more than you can offer as well. That’s why becoming a part of a community of organizations who’s top priority is Helping Veterans is the best way to ensure that they get the full spectrum of help that they need.
  • We’ve “systematized” the process with our software and platform. The entire system is database driven and designed to easily (and publicly) track Veterans through the system. Veterans who come through the system will first fill out the Help Request Form. One of our hands-on caseworkers verifies their case (ensuring that it’s a legit case and not someone playing the “Veteran Card” or attempting “Stolen Valor”) and at this point, the Crusaders Team takes action based on the individual needs and current available resources. Often times the Veteran is helped with getting financial matters caught up, though afterwords we may pass them off to another organization to help with financial counseling, or a group to help them find a job, etc. That’s when other groups on our platform are “added” to the case’s bio/overview page, and updates are tracked in real time on that page, publicly.
  • Need more donations? You can share the Veteran Bio/Overview Pages on your social networks (with your group name in the URL) and the Valor for Veterans platform will swap out the Crusaders DONATE button on the menu with yours. This way, you can share real stories of Veterans that you are helping, and your visitors can see in real time what’s happening. This is the powerful practice of OPERATING TRANSPARENTLY that will get you even more support for your efforts. There are tons of Veteran support groups out there. People don’t just want to give because you say you are going to do good. They want to see it. Valor for Veterans is the only transparent platform of its kind that allows visitors to see what’s happening with our Veterans in Real Time.
  • Need Volunteers? Grow your team! We sort the visitors that come through our systems based on who they are and their needs. Many of our visitors are people who want to volunteer, but don’t know where to start. We allow them to review the different organizations that are on our network and choose the ones they resonate with most in order to give their time and contributions. By becoming active with Valor for Veterans, this also helps you grow your team in order to expand the efforts of your own organization.
  • With the growth of our network, the Valor for Veterans Fund will grow. We already have product package stickers with the V4V site and mission about to go into Harley Davidson stores, on merchant check-out counters and many other V4V exposure campaigns and community driven efforts that will grow exposure for our platform, effort and cause. Our sponsors and mission partners are donating a portion of their proceeds to our Fund, as well as any and all other efforts we may do for fundraising for the Fund over the months and years ahead (from Grants, Benefits, Sponsors, etc.) …and point being, with the success of this platform (just by using it as designed), the Fund will grow. The Crusaders Valor for Veterans™ Fund is designed to support the efforts of our team, and our extended team, through V4V Fund Grants and Contributions to those who do the most good on our platform. This is not a source to “apply” for a grant or funding, rather this is a way that we compensate and reward those who are actively and effectively contributing on the Valor for Veterans platform. Remember, everything is documented, so everyone will know who’s doing what. This is also a great form of “accountability” that adds another layer of confidence for your supporters because they get to see their contributions at work, in real time.
  • Speaking of accountability… When Veterans in-need have one access point to many help groups and non-profits, all tracked and managed through a systematized process, this helps eliminate the issues of those who take advantage of the system. Playing the “Veteran Card,” as you may know, is the process of the individual acting as though they are in dire-straights in order to get support (often from multiple groups), even though they actually have the ability to get by…all the while, someone else who really needs the care might not get it. The V4V platform and the system itself helps ensure that our Veteran Help Groups are alerted and on-guard to those who may have less than honorable intentions.
  • Working together, we can do more…We can do better.

All organizations are welcome and highly encouraged to set up their group on Valor for Veterans

This is the starting point to helping a Vet in-need on the V4V platform. Once they are processed, if you feel that a particular Veteran’s needs matches your own area of expertise or specialty, you can place a “request to help” on any of the Veterans in the system. You may also receive a manual “request to help a Veteran” from an existing group that is helping a Veteran on V4V and wants to entrust you with a specific need for that Veteran. Either way, the request must be approved by an existing group helping with that Veteran (which often times, will be the Crusaders)

Since everything that happens for and with our Veterans is public knowledge (except in matters where privacy is required) this allows our Veteran groups who gain a track record of achieving results with their individual cases, to get recognized as leaders in their field, and gain even more credibility, exposure and support for what they do.

And in the end, the Veterans win.

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