I was a Veteran in Crisis…and was Helped!

2020 has proven ….more than veterans are hurting! It calls for action and if you can help please do! Pray for all hurting and help with Veteran crisis prevention, it is needed.

It’s no coinsidence 2-2- is in 2020 as suicides are on the rise and veterans are hurting. I was one of those veterans in 2018. I was personally in crisis, and will be sharing my story in the group( join if you’d like).

  Some of you may not be aware, but may be hearing it for the first time, as a divorce and anxiety medication was playing havoc on me in 2018.   If not for the quick action of a military family member Marsha Bock, my brother a BHC Deputy, and my mom, I can’t say I’d have made it through that crisis.

I’m now happy and on my own again. I’m currently working a good job and raising my children as a friend of their mothers, no longer her husband. I’m on my own two feet toeing the “healthy” line and “praising” God for allowing me to do so!

Though today and going forward i’m ASKING you to get involved with as many veterans groups who are open to supporting VETERANS EMERGENCY CRISIS NEEDS (by insisting they help in filing claims for emergency financial help). If they are not wanting to grow this network, they can create their own group within Valor for Veterans.

But, as VOLUNTEER STAFF of  #keepsoaringsoldier we will actively participate with “any” veterans group by funnelling claims for assisting Veterans needing help. We will do so until we can obtain 501(c)(3) status for #keepsoaringsoldier.  Funds raised or donated toward our cause will be channeling to:


*I hope  you choose to continue in my group and help Veterans, we will be focusing on V4V mission as it is in line with my personal struggle and prior envolvement with National Remember Our Troops (NROTC).

Make it your personal mission to prevent veteran crisis. – I’m asking you today, and going forward. – Retired SSG Hinz, Chadwick A.


I’d been successful in raising funds over several years for NROTC and plan to ensure Valor for Veterans is just as supported and worthy. I’ve even requested help from one of Wounded Warriors previous whistle blowers to ensure the 501(c)(3) organization is legit, and within expenditure/ profit guidelines for honorable charities.

*If you are open to getting involved, their mission requires veterans to file a claim

Veteran Help Request