Our mission is to bring the entire community together so that we can make a difference. We are a Christian, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization with four amazing programs. We are very excited to fully develop our National Veterans program “Crusaders Valor for Veterans™” and our “Full Circle, Fresh Start, Pay it Forward” program.

Heroes Hill-A Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Veterans Project

Hummingbird Enterprises LLC is owned by two Veterans, one female and one male, who are newly married and are senior citizens.

We are in the process of purchasing a motel/gas station/convenience store property in the mountains of Tennessee, in Van Buren county. We will be closing on this property on 9/1/2020.

The Problem Our Company Will Address

There is a national problem of homelessness among Veterans, with approximately 742 of them living in Tennessee. Although this number is small, Hummingbird Enterprises strongly believes it is our nation’s duty to provide complete eradication of homelessness among Veterans.

The Solution Our Company Will Provide

Hummingbird Enterprises LLC will help reduce the number of homeless Veterans in Tennessee through the development of Heroes Hill-A Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Veterans Project and by setting up Heroes Hill Foundation to run this facility.

These are the key elements in our solution to combat the homeless Veterans in Tennessee dilemma:

-We are developing Heroes Hill-A Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Veterans Project in Spencer, Tennessee

-This facility will house 36 homeless Veterans

-The facility will have the capacity for two or three program directors/staff to live at this property

-This facility will provide the Veterans with on-site employment opportunities in the gas station/convenience store located on the property

-A supportive community environment for the Veterans will be developed for them

– Heroes Hill Foundation will be organized to manage this facility, obtain grants for program development or capital improvements of the property and to raise funds for the purchase of this facility from Hummingbird Enterprises LLC

-Since this property is located within 110 miles of Chattanooga, Nashville & Knoxville, it will be able to serve the homeless Veterans located in all three major metropolitan areas

-Hummingbird Enterprises will sell this facility to Heroes Hill Foundation by 1/1/2023.

Target Market

The VA reported there were 742 homeless Veterans in Tennessee in 2018 in their Annual Homeless Assessment Report. The results for the January, 2020, Annual Homeless Assessment Report are not yet available.

Since the US Census Bureau reports that between 2009 and 2014, there were 484,901 Veterans residing in Tennessee, the 2018 VA numbers reflect that approximately 0.15% of Tennessee Veterans are homeless. Although this number is very small, Hummingbird Enterprises strongly believes it is our nation’s duty to completely eradication homelessness among Veterans.

Company Plan for Selling Property to Heroes Hill Foundation by 2023

Hummingbird Enterprises plans to sell the Heroes Hill property to Heroes Hill Foundation by 1/1/2023 for $2,000,000 if we are able to procure 12% financing for our second round of funding. If we are able to procure this funding at a more reasonable interest rate, we would reduce the sales price by the savings from the reduced interest rate.

This price would allow for the following costs for us in developing this facility:
-$ 78,000 one years 12% interest on the $650,000 cost of the property from our first round of funding
-$ 304,000 two years 12% interest payments for our second round of funding of $1,400,000
-$ 1,400,000 to pay back second round of funding
-$ 218,000 two years salary of $54,550 per year per each person of Hummingbird Enterprises
We are donating the costs of setting up Heroes Hill Foundation and our time needed to set this Foundation up.

The Cost For Housing a Homeless Veteran Under This Program

If Heroes Hill Foundation purchases this property from us for $2,000,000 and houses 36 homeless Veterans there, the initial cost to house each Vet would be $55,556, or $76 per day over the course of a two year stay.

However, if you consider:
– that this property should have a use-able time frame of 30 years

-36 Vets are housed at a time

– each Veteran stays in a transition housing facility for no more than 2 years

-Then at least 540 homeless Veterans could be housed over a 30 year period with a 2 year stay
per Vet

– then, over a 30 year period, the cost per Vet at this facility would only be $3,704 per Vet for a two year stay, or $5.07 per day

 Heroes Hill-A Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Veterans Project

Hummingbird Enterprises LLC is purchasing a 4 acre property in Spencer, Tennessee, which has a gas station/convenience store, a large restaurant building and a 20 room motel and a 2 bedroom apartment attached on the back side of the motel in September, 2020.

This property is located immediately south of the southern entrance to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, Tennessee. This park has around 2 million visitors each year. There are only 2 entrances to this park, this south entrance and a north entrance.

Fordor’s Travel has this to say about the park: “The half-dozen impressive waterfalls are the featured attraction at this 26,000-acre park, most notably the titular Fall Creek Falls, one of the highest vertical-drop waterfalls (at 256 feet) east of the Mississippi. In addition to the activities that state parks are typically known for—hiking, fishing, bird-watching—this “resort” state park also features an 18-hole golf course with a pro shop, heated Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, four playgrounds, basketball courts, and shuffleboard courts. The best swimming hole in the park is upstream from Cane Creek Falls, where the Cane Creek Cascades and the Rockhouse Falls (125 feet high) plunge into a large pool ringed by massive slabs of rock.”

Best of all, it’s less than 1 hour from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is less than 2 hours from both Nashville & Knoxville, Tennessee.

This area of Tennessee is rich in outdoor activities, parks, lakes and rivers and thus attracts a large number of tourists in the spring, summer and fall.

These areas include:
Andrew Johnson NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE- Greeneville, TN
Appalachian NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL- Maine to Georgia
Chickamauga & Chattanooga NATIONAL MILITARY PARK- Fort Oglethorpe, GA,TN
Cumberland Gap NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK- Middlesboro, KY,TN,VA
Great Smoky Mountains NATIONAL PARK- the states of NC,TN
Manhattan Project National Historical Park- NM,WA,TN
Natchez Trace PARKWAY- the states of AL,MS,TN
Stones River NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD- Murfreesboro, TN
Tennessee Civil War NATIONAL HERITAGE AREA- Murfreesboro, TN

The cost of this property is $650,000 and it is being sold as a turnkey business, to include all furnishings for the motel & store, as well as the store being stocked at 80%.

For the beginning of 2020, the store and motel has had a gross monthly income of $67,000 for March, $57,500 for April and $100,000 for May. Figures for the month of June will be forthcoming.

The costs of goods sold for each of these months was $35,333 for March, $34,323 for April & $49,227 for May. Figures for the month of June will be forthcoming.

The total expenses, including wages for employees, were $19,589 for March, $12,394 for April and $19,954 for May. Figures for the month of June will be forthcoming.

The net income from the store & motel was $12,493 for March, $10,853 for April and $30,926 for May. Figures for the month of June will be forthcoming.

December, January and February are months of very limited income for this store due to the major decrease in visitors to Fall Creek Falls State Park in the winter season.

This would indicate an average monthly net income of $18,000 during the tourist season of March through November each year, for a yearly net income of at least $162,000.

We plan to operate this store and motel privately for one to two years while developing the homeless Veteran transitional housing facility program and applying to the VA for approval to be a transitional housing facility for homeless Vets.

We will be hiring a program director for Heroes Hill in September or October, 2020, to assist us in the program development.

Once approved by the VA, this property will be sold to Heroes Hill Foundation (which we’re in the process of starting up) and will be deeded in such a way that it will remain a perpetual facility to house homeless Veterans.

The 20 very large motel rooms and 2 bedroom apartment on this property will then be used to house 36-38 homeless Veterans, with 2 Vets per room, while providing a supportive community life for them with the assistance of the greater Chattanooga area non-profit agencies serving homeless Veterans and the staff at Heroes Hill.

The program director will occupy the 2 bedroom apartment. The assistant program director will be housed in one motel room which has a kitchenette and the social worker, if they wish to, can be housed in a motel room which we will add a kitchenette to. There would be many advantages to having on-site staff for this type of facility.

As part of this program, these Veterans will be employed in various positions at the convenience store/gas station, as well as for the maintenance work required at this property. Income from the gas station/convenience store and the current salaries of the store employees which the Veterans will replace will provide a salary for each of these Vets.

The restaurant area building, which is approximately 1800 square feet, will serve as the Vets’ mess hall and meeting room. For this building to be used as such, we will have to renovate it, install a full kitchen, add a HVAC system and furnish it so it will be ready for use at the time of sale to Heroes Hill Foundation.

The 2 bedroom apartment to house the program director & the two rooms to house the assistant director and social worker need to be fully renovated by us so that there will be immediate occupancy available at the time of sale to Heroes Hill Foundation.

As soon as Heroes Hill Foundation is registered in the state of Tennessee we will begin full time fund-raising efforts to obtain the capital needed by the Foundation for purchase of this property from us.

Once this program is approved by the VA as a Transitional Housing Facility for Homeless Veterans, the VA will pay the facility up to $49.91 per day per Veteran housed. These funds would provide food for the Veterans, pay staff salaries & benefits and provide for operating costs of the program.

our GoFundMe link is: https://www.gofundme.com/heroes-hill-transitional-housing-project-for-vets

Our messenger link on Facebook is: m.me/107232364356281