Daughter Has Brain Cancer

Elyse M (Oklahoma):

I had to scramble to find work after losing my job in March of this year. My daughters health and the loss of income depleted our finances. We got by until I took a job but we had to move due to the rent being too high. I had to pay over 1500 to move and it depleted our savings. Now we will barely have enough to get through October. Even just a partial amount would help. My rent is 900 a month and when November is here we will be stable again. But through October we will have little to live on.

Crusaders Notes:
Crusadersvalorforveterans is going to pay $500 to keep them from becoming homeless. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social media platforms. Tracey Nazarenus CEO Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096