Can’t Find a Job

As shared by Jose L:

I am not one to ask for help and I feel bad doing it but my friend told me about you guys and with family not being able to help, I’m getting desperate. I do not want to lose my house and me and my family become homeless. Long story short, I have been unemployed since January due to some unforeseen circumstances and I’ve been trying to get a job. I had some possible good leads for good jobs that didn’t pan out. I’m currently a veteran and in the army reserves. I’ve been helping out my reserve Unit but that does not pay well and I can’t pay for the necessities. I haven’t been able to pay my mortgage since February and my car payment since March and now I’m to the point I cant get food on the table.

Notes from Crusaders: We will raise donations to get them some food. In addition, we will send Jose job resources.
Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 3033247096