Jeanna S (Texas):

I am a single mother of three children. One is adult who lives four hours away and works two jobs. She is unable to help. My other two are age 16 and age 6 and live at home. Both their fathers are either active duty or retired military and are 100% not involved nor do they communicate with their children. In October I had two surgeries through the VA and my live in tenant was supposed to provide assistance as care giver which blew up. She destroyed my home, did not pay rent and this ended in not only falling $400 short in financial but my children being taken for four days due to the condition of my home and my animals being seized. Now I have cancelled all upcoming medical until the VA can provide home aid and had to evict the tenant. I was arrested for the first time in my life because I was unable medically to clean my home and had to spend another $520 to get out of jail. Now I owe a friend $490 for paying my power bill and thank God she will work with me and I won’t be making my mortgage this month.

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