Ineligible to work

As shared by Brian E:

I am currently 60% disabled. I need to go to a full post PTSD clinic. I have been out of work for a month on a doctor’s release. Because I have been out of work, my family is short $950 next month to pay our bills.

Note from Crusaders:  The VA has forwarded us all the paperwork he needs to take over May and June until he can resume a job putting him as ineligible to work so his disability is bumped up to 100%. They have included forms for his family to acquire his benefits while he’s in the hospital. He’s been in outpatient daily for the month of March. The doctors believe he needs to go to the inpatient center for at least a month. We have assisted with all paperwork for the VA. Since the paperwork and money will take a while with the VA, we need to help him with the bills for April.