Action Packs

⍟ Please Note ⍟
After check-out, you can choose whether to have ‘Action Items’ sent to you, or to a volunteer, or to a friend of your choosing.

Action Items can include, but are not limited to, stacks of: Stickers, Bumper Stickers, Window Decals, Brochures, Flyers, etc.

Silver Rank
$25.00 per Month.
Silver Rank

Silver Action Packs include:

Silver Rank V4V Dog Tags

Various Thank You and
Action Items each month

and a

Special Thank You from All!

Gold Rank
$50.00 per Month.
Gold Rank

Gold Action Packs Include:

Gold Rank V4V Dog Tags

Thank You Items Monthly

Extended ACTION ITEMS Pack with MORE items. Helps us reach even more people!

and a

Big Thank You from All!

Platinum Rank
$75.00 per Month.
Platinum Rank

Platinum Action Packs Include:

Platinum Rank V4V Dog Tags

Thank You Items Monthly

Extended ACTION ITEMS Pack with even MORE items. This package really helps us get the word out!

VIP Access to our Team at all Events Nationwide!

and a

HUGE Thank You from All!


Even though the above costs covers the Action Packs, 50% of these funds go directly to helping our Veterans each month.
The rest goes towards helping spread the word through our Action Packages so we can help even more Veterans In-Need.


Questions and Answers

Q. What do I do with the Action Items?
A. Hand them out to merchants to leave on their checkout counters, or pass them out at local events, and even give them to individuals around your area who may be interested in supporting our Veterans.

Q. What if I don’t want to personally hand them out?
A. That’s okay… After check-out, you can elect to have us send them to one of our volunteers in the field, or you can even choose to have them sent to one of your own contacts.

Q. Why not give 100% to the Veterans?
A. Sure, you can choose to do a Direct Donation HERE where 100% of the funds go to help the Veterans, though the reason we also offer the Action Packs is so we can get enough exposure and support through this “grass roots” effort to help even more Veterans In-Need. Without this “extended” exposure, we couldn’t reach our supporters, which means we couldn’t help as many Veterans.

Q. Can I do more than just spread the word with Action packs?
A. Yes! First you can start with sharing our site on all of your social networks (buttons below)  You can also get directly involved with the Support Groups on our Network, or contact us directly and let us know how you would like to contribute.

Question not answered here? Contact Us.


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