Double Disabilities Causing Financial Havoc

As shared by William:

Everything started snowballing in November 2013. Nothing was in place; no VA Disability, Social Security Disability, Military Retirement… The day I walked out the door, Sherri and I about lost everything we owned…we did lose a vehicle. We had bill’s piling up from taxes to making payment arrangements monthly, medical bills from Sherri’s disabilities piling up, vehicle repair bills in the thousands. Sherri’s disabilities includes Addison’s disease which is an  adrenal insufficiency and it attacks the adrenal glands. Her immune system is completely compromised and Cushing’s disease is caused by the medication she takes for Addison’s disease. Parents loaned us monies, on top of normal bills, over a year and a half before we started seeing any kind of monies from anything.

Early 2017, everything we were owed monthly finally came around. By then our credit was destroyed, I hired a credit company to help clean things up, while throwing everything we received at all of the past due bills. The ones in collection, the bill’s that were making a mess of our credit, hospital bills, tax settlements, also trying to fix things in the house that need attention. If it wasn’t one thing it was another.

We are needing assistance with house issues, leaking roof, leaky windows-air wise, poor insulation, assistance with possibly building an above ground attached garage because of both Sherri and my disability, stairs are a issue (the garage is under the house) I had injuries and recent surgeries, 2 of those were due to a crushed neck, and then 24 hour’s later I was in emergency surgery on my neck. We are still behind on vehicle payments, and vehicle repairs. I need tires and brakes in a bad way, plus Tracy knows about the porch ordeal, plus didn’t have the monies to replace appliances – had to rent them.

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