Vet with Brain Trauma Scammed out of Life Savings

Medically retired Sergeant ‘Richard (Rick) B’ survived the most traumatic brain injury ever recorded. A 98.9% TBI prevents Rick from working, as strenuous activity could incite brain damage induced seizures.

Rick was diagnosed with PTSD by two VA doctors, however the VA Comp & Pen, along with the PTSD clinic incessantly denied monetary assistance. They  claimed that, until the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) determines Rick is, in fact, disabled, they are unable to help.

Years have passed, yet his circumstance remains unchanged. Veterans become trapped in such situations all too often, but Rick’s troubles had only just begun.

In a most unfortunate turn of events,  a man of severe debilitation was taken advantage of for reason of profit – Rick became prey to fraudulent villains.

He received a Facebook message from someone he believed, at the time, was a friend of his from the military informing him of a Government organization that supposedly assisted them in receiving disability money. Rick thought this was an answer to his prayers.

After contacting the faulty organization over the internet, Rick was told that they deliver justice to those who’s disability claims yield no government assistance. Rick filled out an application online, submitted it, and within a few hours he received another message.

The result? A proposed total award of $1,500,000. All he had to do now was make the several payments required as an IRS fee so the claim could be processed. This he did, depositing between $47,000 and $48,000 to the scammer’s bank accounts.

The disability money never came. Rick was scammed out of 85% of his life savings. The Sheriff’s Office has had no luck finding the criminals, and Rick’s plea to the bank, aware of the fraud, has been disregarded.

After the Crusaders started digging into why this wasn’t an FBI matter, these actions prompted authorities to asses the case more thoroughly. Unfortunately, that’s not helping Richard and his financial situation, or getting the proper disability rating and compensation. Can you help? Spread the word about this scam by sharing this article. Also, please consider supporting Richard and Valor for Veterans below.

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