32 Weeks Pregnant and Losing Power

Ashley W (Georgia):

I was able to pay $440.00 on the bill. If the whole thing can’t be paid, any help is appreciated. My husband was kept out of work for a month due to shoulder injuries and we are currently fighting with the disability people. I am 32 weeks pregnant so I’m no help right now. He went back to work a week ago, which is great – but in the meantime we have a shut off notice for our electric bill. This is literally a one time thing to allow us to get caught back up. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks for ANY help you can offer.

Crusaders Notes:
Crusadersvalorforveterans we are going to help with a deposit to keep their power on. Please donate or share this Veterans story on your social media platforms. Tracey Nazarenus President Crusaders Valor For Veterans 303-324-7096